About Arts Angels

Arts Angels is a non-profit parent and community organization supporting the arts in Nyack Public Schools. Arts Angels is the liaison between ArtWorks, DramaWorks, and MusicWorks.

Our Mission

Our mission includes raising funds for students in the arts.  Arts Angels aims to promote arts education and programming for students in Nyack Public Schools. Our fund-raising activities provide financial support to ensure the vitality of arts education and programming in Nyack schools, expanding and enriching student experiences. As a tax-exempt organization, Arts Angels:

  • accepts donations and engages in fund-raising activities on behalf of ArtWorks, DramaWorks and MusicWorks.
  • allocates money that would not otherwise be available to these groups through special events, membership dues, grants and individual contributions.
  • offsets costs for school clubs and programs including equipment, travel to competitions and events, workshops, artist-in-residency programs, and after-school activities.

Arts Angels strives to engage a larger audience to support the talent of our Nyack students and share in the benefits of a community that values and promotes the arts.

Current Happenings

2013 Grants

Pfizer Grant — $1000 awarded again this past summer, for the second time.

Wells Fargo — $1000 awarded last academic year.

These generous grants are specifically for the arts programs.  Each of the groups – ArtWorks, DramaWorks, & MusicWorks – received an equal share of the grant monies.  These funds provided a wonderful opportunity for us to support the following activities during the 2012-2013 school year:

• ArtWorks presented workshops to middle and high school students on printmaking and watercolor.   They also held a portfolio workshop for high school students to organize their artwork for college applications and interviews.

• With the grant from Wells Fargo, DramaWorks offered a special workshop on set design for members of the drama crew.  Students learned valuable skills while working closely with a professional set designer.

• MusicWorks used the funds to underwrite a scholarship for a private music lessons for a middle school student.  They also provided transportation for the high school band to attend a state competition at Hofstra University.